Cats and Dogs
Chapter 4: Kagome's Love and Inuyasha's Betrayal

Inuyasha raced through the forest, trying to keep track of Kouga's scent. That stupid wolf is going to regret bringing his sorry ass in my presence again!! Inuyasha growled as he finally neared the clearing where Kouga's scent was. He stopped with his hand on tetusaiga's hilt, "KOUGA! HOW MANY FUCKING TIMES ARE WE GOING TO GO THROUGH THIS! STOP SHOWING UP-"

He choked on his words as a breeze brought a strong scent to his nose. It twitched repeatedly and he looked around to see where it was coming from when his eyes landed on the panther hanyou. Her!? That scent is coming from her!? Damn, it seems too intense of a scent for a hanyou. It's intoxicating…

Inuyasha was brought out of his thoughts as he noticed that everyone was staring at him. He looked at Riquo again but only to see her walk past him towards the village, her nosed turned up and flatly ignoring him. Sango walked past him as well, grabbing the back of his shirt and dragging him along.

"Come on Inuyasha, let's let them talk. They don't see each other enough as it is no thanks to you," she said with a vicious yank on his shirt. Inuyasha started yelling obscenities at all of them.  Kagome frowned sadly at Inuyasha, not knowing why he was upset. She touched Kouga's arm and gave him a look that begged he understand and Kouga nodded. At that Kagome left Kouga's side and run up to where Sango was dragging Inuyasha in the dirt. Considering how strong Inuyasha was it was amazing Sango had such control over him in the first place.

"Inuyasha, please! I never get to see Kouga and every time I do you always try to cleave his skull with tetusaiga!" She knelt down next to him, ignoring the small growl she heard from Kouga, "Inuyasha I don't understand why you try and stop me from seeing him. You love Kikyo, not me. So why stop me?"

Inuyasha distorted his features into a nasty scowl and crossed his arms, looking away, not really wanting to make a public confession of any kind. He knew he didn't love her. She resembled Kikyo too much and she was someone he really wanted to leave in the past, not that he'd ever say that aloud. And he didn't want to call Kagome his shard detector even though that's technically what she was to him.

"Are you afraid I'll leave with him and finish finding the shards?"

Inuyasha 'hmphed' but didn't say or do anything else. Kagome sighed and looked back to Kouga, signaling him to please be patient. Kouga nodded and plopped down on a random rock.

"Inuyasha, as if I need to remind you, I shattered the jewel. It's my responsibility to put it back together again and I have every intention on finishing the job," she stood up and winked at him, "you're just there to protect me."

Inuyasha smirked at her, "Thanks, Kagome."

She nodded and walked off towards Kouga. The others watched Kouga snatch Kagome into his arms and sped off into the distance and then started their walk back to the village.




Kagome snuggled into Kouga's arms as they raced through the woods. She had no clue where they were going but didn't really care. I'm with the man I've been obsessing over for years now. That's all that matters to me now. She looked up at him. Kouga's dark features remained concentrated on his path and speed as he zipped in and out of the forest towards their destination. The wind flowed through his hair with a majestic kind of flow that only he could possess. He's so handsome when he's running. It's like that's what he was born to do. Run faster than the wind.

Kouga looked down at Kagome noticing her stare, "I'm glad to see you're finally looking at me."

Kagome blinked in surprise, "What do you mean? I always get a good look at you whenever I see you-" her eyes widened in shock as she clapped her hands over her mouth. Shit! Please tell me I did not just say that aloud! She looked up and saw Kouga trying his hardest not to laugh at her.

"Hey! It's not funny!" she sniffed and turned away, conjuring up fake tears that glistened in her brown eyes.

Kouga panicked and skidded to a stop in a clearing by the river and placed her down on the cool grass, "Kagome I'm sorry! I-I didn't mean to laugh at you I promise! I was just joking around! Come on Kagome don't cry!" his face fell when she turned towards him laughing hysterically. Kouga playfully snarled at her, "You little vixen!"

Kagome yelped as tickled her sides, "Kouga stop that tickles! Please I can't breathe!" she laughed until they both tripped over each other's feet and fell on top of one another in the soft grass. Kouga looked down at Kagome as she laughed, her hair spreading around her in array. He brushed a stray lock of hair out of her face, gently caressing his fingers over her cheek. She stopped laughing and fluttered her eyes open at him. Cerulean locked with brown, both of their reflections staring back at each other as the world stood still for that one brief moment. Kagome's eyes roamed over his face. His dark, chiseled features on his face were outlined by the descending sunlight and his bright eyes stood out against his dark skin. Kagome's eyes lowered to Kouga's lips absently. Kouga smiled when he noticed where her eyes had wandered. Slowly he bent down and gently captured her lips with his. Kagome's eyes widened, but smiling to herself, she kissed him back.




Riquo sat in Kaede's hut fidgeting. Kaede was organizing her herbs for the tenth time within twenty minutes, Sango was cleaning Hiraikotsu, Miroku was desperately trying to grope Sango, but to no avail and Shippo and Kilala were napping in a corner. Inuyasha had vanished in a huff outside to practice using his tetusaiga. Riquo twitched her tail irritably. This is ridiculous! I understand Kagome wants to talk to Kouga but do we all have to just SIT here and wait?! He's a demon damnit! He can track our scents and catch up with us!

She looked around the hut, "I think I'm gona go running or something, I can't sit here."

Sango nodded and smacked Miroku again and Kaede just ignored her. Riquo stood and ran out of the hut. When she was in the center of the village she leaned her head back towards the sky, closing her eyes in concentration. When she finally caught onto his scent, Riquo took her time in getting to the field where Inuyasha was. She walked through the village, glancing at different vendors with little or no interest. Then she looked at the villagers themselves and frowned sadly. Several of the villagers looked at her with fear, mean holding onto their shaken wives while the children hid behind their mother's kimono, sneaking a peek at her now and then.

Riquo frowned again. If there's one thing she hated the most, it was being the center of negative attention. She knew what being a hanyou meant. You were lower than demons and  humans technically, but if you asked a demon or a human, they considered you, the hanyou, to be lower than dirt. I wonder how Inuyasha gained their respect... Riquo snorted ...gained their respect or lost their interest. Most likely she'd have to play hero in order to get less attention from these people. Why do I care? How long do I actually intend on staying here anyway?

Riquo's mood changed when she entered into the forest that surrounded the village. She could definitely relax more since she was out of the public eye, she didn't like for people to be afraid of her, especially children. Moving through the shadows of the trees above her, Riquo squinted her eyes to see a bright field in the distance. There, she saw Inuyasha's red and white form standing in the center of the field, fiercely swinging tetusaiga over and over again.

Smirking with pleasure, Riquo stealthily moved downwind of where he stood and crouched low to the ground, hidden beneath the tall grass. Smiling insanely, she crept silently through the tall grass, her eyes fixated on his every move. Riquo's left hand snapped a twig in the dirt and she winced. Inuyasha's head ears swiveled in her direction and he turned to glance that way. Freezing in place, she lowered herself lower into the dirt, watching Inuyasha look around. Her breathing was so low you would have thought she was dead. After Inuyasha sniffed around, deciding nothing was there he went back to his practice.

Sighing mentally, Riquo began to move again through the grass towards him. He had his back to her, swinging his sword continuously.  When she was only a few feet away from him, she dug her claws into the earth and waited for the precise moment. Her eyes were glazed with anticipation and her tail silently swayed from side to side eagerly. Then, right after Inuyasha had swung and was about to bring his sword back around, Riquo launched herself into the air and pounced on him.


They both went rolling to the ground in a mess of arms and legs. Inuyasha dropped tetusaiga and out of instinct wrapped his arms around her. When they finally came to a stop, Riquo was on her back laughing insanely. Inuyasha lifted himself off her chest, but remained on top of her and scowled down at her through his white bangs.

"What the hell is with you?! Are you trying to kill me or something?!"

Riquo stopped laughing enough to say, "Aah, Inuyasha we're gona have to work on that. You should've been able to sense me."

"Keh, why are you here anyway? I didn't ask you to follow me." Absently Inuyasha pushed away a brown lock of her from her face. Riquo stared up at him while he did so, watching his beautiful eyes roam over her face.

Inuyasha took in Riquo's beautiful features. He had truly never seen anyone as pretty as her. He'd never seen a hanyou, or a demon for that matter, with green eyes like hers. Like someone had placed every shade of green from the forest into her feline eyes. And her hair was just as unique. Inuyasha knew for a fact that black panther demons had black hair but this girl, her hair was the brightest and softest brown he'd ever seen. He absently stroked his claws through her hair, his eyes falling to her parted lips. Inuyasha glanced back at her eyes and saw just a blank, curious look. He leaned down further towards her lips.

No! Stop now! You barely know her!

Mentally berating his conscious for interfering, Inuyasha launched himself off her body with a snarl. Riquo blinked in confusion and hurt. What the hell just happened? She sat herself up and stared at where Inuyasha stood only a few paces from her with his back to her.

Inuyasha glanced in her direction with a scowl, "So you gona answer my question?"

Riquo gaped at him. What the fuck?! Why does he keep having these mood swings around me? Shaking away the tears that were threatening to form in her eyes, she smiled at him and said, "Just wanted to get out of that hut for a little while. And I wanted to see how your tetusaiga works."

"Pounce on me like that again and I'll use it on YOU." Riquo quirked an eyebrow at him from where she sat, I seriously don't get this guy. One minute he's sweet and compassionate to me, then he turns around and growls at me. Does my presence bother him that much?

Riquo stood up smoothly and brushed her skirt off from the dirt. She raked her claws through her hair to get out the dirt and knots when she noticed Inuyasha watching her. With the best nonchalant attitude she could muster she asked, "So are you going to let me see it or not?"

He snorted, "I need an enemy to use these attacks genius, unless you want to be my demonic wind for the wind scar I suggest you get over the fact that you're just gona have to wait until we go into battle." Inuyasha turned to walk away when he heard, "Where do you want me to stand?"

He turned whirled around and stared at her as if she was crazy, "Have you lost your mind?! The wind scar could kill you!"

She strutted past him and stood several feet away from him, "I have faith in my demon instincts. If I need to move, I'll move." His jaw fell open slightly. She has to be crazy. She is actually volunteering to get hit with the wind scar.

"Are you sure about this? The last thing I need is Kagome or Sango bitching because I killed you."

She looked at him coyly, "My, my, Inuyasha, for a minute there I actually thought you were concerned about my life. But I guess I was mistaken. Now quit you're bitching and get on with it."

Inuyasha snarled angrily at her but she just stood there glaring at him. Ignoring the 'death look' she was giving him, Inuyasha got into his battle stance, raising tetusaiga in front of him. He concentrated on where she stood, trying not to let her body distract him and flexed a muscle in his eye. Black winds started surrounding Riquo while Inuyasha's own white winds began to clash violently with hers. Odd he thought I've never raised tetusaiga against another half demon before except for Naraku. That might be why the winds are so violent. Then a strange but pleasantly familiar scent caught his nose. Inuyasha growled in frustration figures I'd catch her scent now of all times. Trying his hardest to ignore the stiffening bulge in his pants that had started long before Riquo had even stood up, Inuyasha concentrated on the winds again.

When the winds clashed so violently that a rather large rip formed Inuyasha raised tetusaiga and thrashed it down. The power of the strike flew towards her at an amazing speed. Riquo gasped, shocked at the speed of the strike. She launched herself into the air, soaring above the blast as it destroyed the ground where she had once stood. Unfortunately Riquo was not fast enough as a small corner of his strike clipped her ankle, injuring her and shattering her black bangle. She yelped in pain as she felt the blood drip off her. As she descended down to the ground, she saw Inuyasha looking at her with...concern? His face was scrunched in concern...concern for her. She opened her mouth to shout to him to catch her-

When out of nowhere an arrow with a purple aura blazed straight at her. Riquo's eyes widened as her screams were lodged in her throat.

She didn't even sense it coming. She was so caught up with her own pain and the look on Inuyasha's face she didn't even notice her. Kikyo.

But Inuyasha saw her. He had whirled around right after the arrow had punctured Riquo's shoulder.

"Kikyo," Inuyasha stared at her.

Riquo dropped to the ground with a loud thud. Cats land on their feet, yes. But cats with a bloody ankle and an arrow in them have reason to just fall on their sides...which is exactly how Riquo fell. Riquo screamed aloud from the impact as more blood pooled around her for the second time. She screamed so loud that her throat burned afterwards. Her eyes wrenched shut, she relied on her senses to tell her what was going on. Ok...Inuyasha's still here...his back to me...Kikyo...Kikyo!! Not wanting to but knowing she had to, Riquo slowly looked up, her eyes glowing black, a sign that she was royally pissed and her demon blood did not want to stay put.

Kikyo stood atop a nearby hill, looking at them with that cold, lifeless gaze that only she could master. She had her bow in her hand, ready to set another arrow into the notch. Riquo angrily glanced at Inuyasha and realized with a heavy heart that he had completely forgotten about her and her wounds. Great...I'm on my own. I have to somehow kill her and then avoid his wrath. She sighed and bent her head down, black tears glistening in her emerald eyes and down her face.. I can't do it. I'm injured in my foot and my shoulder. I need to get out of here….but my revenge!!!

"Inuyasha," she wheezed to him in pain, "help me, please. I can't walk on this foot," she knew good and well that she'd heal but not under stress.

Inuyasha whirled around to her. He stared at her. She looked at him with pain written all over her face. Why is he staring at me? Say something, do something, please!

He looked her over from head to toe. Her eyes widened in pain when she realized what he was doing, "Inuyasha! No!!"

"You'll be ok for now, I'll come back for you soon. Until then stay here," and with that he jumped up the hill towards Kikyo, walking away with her.

Riquo sat there, staring after him, pain flashing across her face, emotional and physical. He abandoned me. He chose death to life. She rolled over onto her back clutching her chest and cried. Her heart hurt. But why? I don't have feelings for him! He abandoned me for that bitch! No it's not possible!! I hate him!!!

Moving her hand over to the arrow that stuck out of her shoulder, Riquo gripped it tightly, squeezing her eyes shut. With all the strength she could get, she ripped it out of her shoulder, a river off blood following the arrow. Her eyes flying open in pain, Riquo threw her head back, grinding her hair into the dirt and let out a gut-wrenching roar. Tossing the arrow away from her body, she tried to get up, supporting her weight on one leg, but fell into the ground again. Damnit!! Riquo pounded the ground with her good arm in utter frustration and anger. Trying again, she managed to get herself up onto one leg. Trying her hardest to balance on that good leg, Riquo launched herself in the air. I'll heal better in the forest. I can't be here anymore, not here.

She landed in between some trees, but her one leg couldn't support all of her weight from the impact and she stumbled and rolled into a thicket. The bush sighed, and Riquo's good arm shot out from underneath the bush. Digging her claws into the earth, Riquo managed to drag herself out of the bush. Her face was scratched from her tumble and sticks and leaves were weaved in and out of her hair. She crawled over to to base of a tree and glanced up at his branches. Noting that they were fat enough to hold her weight, Riquo dug her claws from her one good arm into the trunk.

Dragging her weight up so that she was standing she dug her claws on her feet into the base of the trunk. She continued this pattern until she managed to a high enough branch that would keep her out of danger from earth-bound creatures. She leaned her back against the trunk and stretched out her legs. Holding her arm close to her chest she sighed painfully. I'll stay here until I heal. She turned her head to the side and closed her eyes. Before sleep captured her completely, she mumbled out, "Inuyasha."




Kagome and Kouga separated from each other with a start as the screaming died down.

"What was that?" Kagome clutched at his chest plate in fear. She glanced her eyes around nervously, still wishing she had senses that could have told her what that was. But Kouga had the senses, and his senses led him to stare east, anger and fear in his eyes. He turned around to Kagome and gripped her shoulders, "We have to go."

Kagome nodded, "W-what was that?"

"Riquo," he said flatly.

Kagome cried out again, this time tears streaking down her face. Kouga gently picked her up and took off in the direction that Riquo's scream had come from. While running, Kouga glanced down at Kagome nervously. She had her eyes set on the direction that he was running, her pretty face tear-stained. He could tell from her expression that she was scared to death. Kouga decided to pick up the speed and took off faster than he'd ever ran before towards Riquo.

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