Cats and Dogs
Chapter 5: Goodbye Kikyo, Hello Riquo!

Miroku and Sango rode on Kilala's back, searching the ground below for any sign of Riquo. They had heard the scream she emitted in pain and ran out of Kaede's hut as fast as they could.

"Do you think maybe her and Inuyasha got into a fight?" Sango asked nervously. She had taken note of how they had been acting around each other in the hut.

"I'm not sure. All I know is that was definitely Riquo and that if we don't get there soon she might be in more trouble than before." Sango nodded in agreement and continued to scan the forest for any sign of their new friend. They were passing over a clearing in the trees when they saw Kouga blitz out of the woods with Kagome in his arms. Too high to shout, Sango patted Kilala's neck for some help. Kilala roared loudly and started to descend to the ground.

Kouga looked up in time to see Kilala come down from the sky with Sango and Miroku on her back. When Kagome saw them, she grinned and waved excitedly. Sango jumped off Kilala and rushed over to Kagome, as she was let down from Kouga's arms. She could see Sango's concerned look, "You heard Riquo too didn't you?" Sango nodded as Miroku joined them; "We need to find her! She may be in trouble again!"

"No!" Kouga shouted.

They stared at him in shock as he was about to explain, "No one, demon or human is to go near her. She is injured yes but she is in a demon state of healing. If anyone were to go near her-"

"Her demon instincts for survival would take over and she would attack regardless," Miroku finished.

"But...I thought only full blooded demons went through that state. How could a hanyou do the same?" Kagome asked.

Kouga nodded, "Yes, you're right. The only difference is that she won't be as violent as a demon would be and she won't show any signs of healing. She'll just be sleeping. But she would still attack us just to get us away from her while she healed."

Kagome nodded, "Do you know where Riquo was going?" she asked Sango and Miroku.

Miroku and Sango both glanced at each other nervously and shook their heads at Kagome, "She just said she was going for a walk. She may have run into those hunters again."

Kagome gasped, No! Not again!! Then she looked around the area they were in. It was a large field with tall grass covering every inch of it. Squinting her eyes, she noticed a red and black blur in the distance.

"Hey...what's that over there?"

Kouga reared in that direction, squinting his eyes as well. He sniffed once or twice and then scrunched his nose at the unpleasant smell.

Sango had her hand over her eyes to block the sunlight and Miroku had leaned forward to inspect it as well, "I have no clue. Should we go check it out?"

"Yes. It's blood...and burnt grass," Kouga said stiffly and began walking towards it. Kagome shivered in fear of what she was about to see and hesitantly followed Kouga. Miroku and Sango gave each other a look of confusion and followed suit.

"Kilala stay near the edge of those woods in case Riquo comes out," Sango ordered the transformed fire cat. Kilala growled and sat on her haunches.

Suddenly Kouga stopped in his tracks. Not paying attention Kagome bumped into him. He turned around and gave her a look of fear she'd never seen in his eyes before.

"Kouga? What is it?" Kouga stepped out of her line of vision and Kagome's eyes fell on the scene before her with a loud gasp.

"Kagome? What's wrong-" Sango's words stopped in her throat as Miroku and she saw what was so unbelievable.

There, on the ground in front of them was a large pool of blood. Then a few feet away from the pool of blood was an arrow, its tip covered in dried blood.

"Sango, look at the ground," Miroku said. Sango glanced down and gasped, "look familiar?" Miroku said. She nodded. Kagome whirled around, "Inuyasha's wind scar!" They nodded. The ground beneath them was burnt to a crisp, all the grass that had been in the path of Inuyasha's wind scar was burned, in the usual lines that Inuyasha's wind scar always left in the ground.

Kagome seethed in anger, "He attacked Riquo...he attacked my friend! That bastard!" Sango shifted nervously and Miroku took a step back. Kagome didn't curse often, if ever. And when she did, she usually had a bow and arrow in her hand or a wounded Inuyasha. Kouga walked over to the arrow that was on the ground and sniffed. I thought so.

"Kagome calm down," Kouga ordered. Kagome glared in his direction and was about to make a retort when Kouga picked up the arrow and showed it to them, "This belongs to that dead miko that's been walking around. Her disgusting scent is all over it."

"Kikyo?" Miroku asked, "So Kikyo and Inuyasha attacked Riquo? But that doesn't make any sense."

"None of this does Miroku," Kagome said, her voice coated in anger. She turned away from the blood and burnt grass and returned to where Kilala was sitting. Kilala nuzzled her face and Kagome petted her muzzle. How dare Inuyasha! And Kikyo...can't she just stay out of everyone's business? Kagome looked into the forest behind Kilala where Riquo was. I won't leave her. She'll need someone to lean on when she's done or she'll go berserk trying to find Kikyo.

She finally spoke up and shouted over her shoulder, "We'll stay here. Riquo will be furious when she comes out of there and she'll need us to calm her down. So we stay by her side and wait," she looked back at Kouga and smiled. He, Sango and Miroku walked up to her. The other two made themselves comfortable on a large stump while Kouga wrapped his arms around Kagome. He smiled back, mouthing 'thank you.' Riquo was practically his own kin, he watched out for her and helped her adapt to the obscure ways of the Feudal Era that differed so much from the future that was hidden beneath the dirt in the well.

And so they sat and waited, each of them contemplating ways on how to calm down a pissed, female panther demon.




    Inuyasha stood in front of Kikyo staring at her. He had that look on his face that he always had whenever he was near her. It was a look of pain, anger, love, loyalty and utter confusion. What does she want? Why did she attack Riquo? Does she know her somehow?

He decided to voice his thoughts, "Kikyo, why are you here? Do you know Riquo?"

Kikyo was leaning against a tree, considering his question even though her facial features kept the same placid, evil look. She tilted her chin and spoke to him with that same manipulating tone.

"She is an obstacle in my way, she has kept me from completing the jewel and killing Naraku for some time now. And now, she is joining your little group and she is only keeping me from taking you with me to hell."

He narrowed his eyes at her and tried to stifle a growl from his throat. It's the same thing! Over and over again, all she wants his me in hell with her. She claims she loves me…but if you love someone then you want them to be happy, right?

The gray sky had opened up and the rain had started to fall. It was ironic how the setting matched the mood of the rut he was in at that moment. Inuyasha tilted his head to the sky, letting the rain hit his face in a soft caress. He didn't know what to do. This was a woman he had made a promise to fifty years ago...a promise he vowed to keep. But she keeps causing more and more trouble for us. She comes to me, I go to her, and then everything goes to shit because of stupid decisions that I make. Inuyasha sighed, knowing what had to be done. I'm causing too much trouble for the rest of the group. We have a goal we have to achieve, and I'm keeping us from that  by clinging to a dead version of Kikyo. But can I really do this? Inuyasha narrowed his eyes. It's now or never. I have to do this.

He looked at her, regretting what he was about to say, "Kikyo, I am truly sorry that you died because of me, whether you realize that or not. But you have betrayed me so many times since you were brought back! You've tried to kill my friends as well as myself countless times, and yet you think you're doing something good. If you love me as you say you do, you'd want me to be happy. You wouldn't care if I was a human, half demon, or demon. You wouldn't want me to die, but to live and be happy with my life as I choose it."

He looked at her and winced when he saw anger swim throughout her eyes for a mere second before her face returned to its normal expression. He was about to apologize but something in the recesses of his mind told him he had to do this. She is my past, not my present nor my future. I have to let go of her.

He stepped closer to her, "You had my heart at one time, and I cannot forget this and I never will. But you don't have it now. I'm sorry Kikyo, but you need to rest in peace now and let go of your hatred for me."

Kikyo's eyes widened marginally, the only sign that she was shocked by his outburst. So he thinks he's through with me. Desperate to keep him with her for as long as possible, even if just in this moment, she hastily explained what it was she had to say.

She laughed evilly at him, waving her hand in a dismissing gesture, "Well, I am not through with you yet Inuyasha, I still need your help casting Naraku into hell. You see, he is planning another scheme to torment you with. And I can lead you to him if you are willing to fight."

Inuyasha reared back at her outburst. That was a little unexpected. Why would Naraku be planning something now? It's too random."Why would you want to help me?" Inuyasha was so confused. He didn't know whether to scream or listen intently, but either way Naraku was an issue he wanted to know about.

"I will send my soul seekers to you to lead you to him when the time is right," she flicked her wrist. Inuyasha looked up to see several of those white creepy soul serpents wrap themselves around her body, "be ready Inuyasha, I will be waiting."

Inuyasha stood there and watched her disappear into the rainy night. He couldn't decide whether or not he should tell the others about Kikyo's news. What if she's lying and I drag them into danger again because of her?

Suddenly Inuyasha's eyes widened into two huge saucers, "Shit! I left Riquo injured!!" He turned around and ran towards the clearing as fast as he could. Kagome's going to kill me when she finds out about this.

Inuyasha stopped after running into the clearing. In the distance he could see Kilala sitting with Kagome, Kouga, Sango and Miroku around the fire cat. Shit... He knew he was screwed...why else would they be here? Inuyasha decided to wait and see what happened. He stepped back into the woods and disappeared.




    Kouga jerked to his left as he caught onto the scent he'd been searching for. He smirked to himself then turned to the others, "Looks like dog-boy decided to try and join us, but I think he got lost in the rain."

Kagome peeked out from underneath Kilala to look around. She had forgotten her backpack which had a couple of umbrellas and was left unprepared in the rain. So she against the sitting Kilala's stomach so the fire cats upper body would shield her from the rain. Luckily for Miroku and Sango, they had their rain hats tucked away with them. Poor Kouga just dealt with it.

Miroku stood up, grabbing his staff, "I will go and retrieve him, I sense he is not far and he does have some explaining to do." The others nodded as he started to walk off.

"That won't be necessary."

Kagome stuck her head out in between Kilala's front and back leg and cried out, "Riquo! You're alright!"

Sango and Miroku walked towards her to see if she was all right but Kouga beat them to her. He walked around her in circles, looking her up and down and sniffing at random places. Riquo glared at him, her eyes starting to pulse black.

"Back off Kouga!" she hissed, swinging her healed arm at him.

Kouga jumped back next to where Kagome hid under Kilala. Miroku and Sango stopped in their tracks and stared at her, waiting for her next move. Kagome frowned and stepped out from underneath Kilala into the rain, shaking off Kouga's reaching arm.

"Riquo, what happened? What did Inuyasha and Kikyo do to you?" Riquo growled involuntarily at the sound of their names.

Kagome stepped closer timidly until she was right in front of her. Riquo bared her fangs and hissed, "I'm not in the mood, Kagome! Step away from me and let me find that bastard Inuyasha!"

Back in the forest, Inuyasha winced at hearing his name used like that coming from Riquo. I guess I deserve that. Damnit how am I going to get myself out of this one?

Kagome narrowed her eyes and got in Riquo's face, "Stop it, Riquo! Now! I wasn't scared of you ever back in my time and I am sure as hell not scared of you now! I don't know what Inuyasha did to you but I think he has a right to explain himself before you try and kill him! Now stop hissing at me, sit down, and tell us what the hell happened between you, Inuyasha and Kikyo!"

Kouga stared in complete shock and Miroku and Sango both dropped their jaws. Kagome had just done what they all thought was going to be impossible.

Inuyasha's jaw practically hit the ground at what he just saw.

Riquo turned her head away and sighed, I'd rather just kill both of them and get it over with but I guess that's not their style. O well. She turned her face back to Kagome's glaring face and grinned, "You're a bitch, Kagome."

Kagome's expression changed from anger to relief. She smirked at her, "Yea and you're just the same. Now please tell us what happened."

Riquo sat next to a relieved Kilala and told them everything. About Inuyasha showing her the wind scar, the wound on her foot, the arrow in her shoulder, Kikyo's sudden appearance, and Inuyasha's abandonment of her. Miroku sighed and shook his head. Sango kept looking to Kilala, petting her and wishing for the entire world that she could sick Kilala on Inuyasha's stupid ass. Kagome had tears falling down her face, she had known Inuyasha would always go to Kikyo, but he had never left one of them injured. Kouga kept jumping up and trying to speed off, but Riquo kept grabbing his leg and sitting him back down.

They were about to discuss how to deal with Inuyasha and Kikyo, Riquo constantly suggesting killing Kikyo and beating Inuyasha to a bloody pulp, when Inuyasha's scent caught her and Kouga's noses.

Kouga put his hand on her forearm, "You said you'd let him explain."

Riquo snorted and crossed her arms. The others exchanged glances amongst themselves, nervous about what was about to take place and then turned in surprise as Inuyasha walked through the trees and into the field. He walked up to Riquo, looking her over for damage.

Riquo rolled her eyes, "I'm fine Inuyasha, I healed just fine, no thanks to you. Did you enjoy you're little tryst with Kikyo?" Inuyasha walked forward, "Riquo let me explain. Kikyo, she-I"

"I know, I know, you and Kikyo had this thing fifty some-odd years ago and you can't get over her and she wants you to burn in hell with her, blah blah blah blah, I know." Inuyasha stopped short. He was hurt inside and his expression betrayed him.

He sighed, "I don't know what else to say other than I'm sorry. But it's over. I'm leaving her in the past." Riquo stood and walked up to him. Getting directly in his face and staring him down she said, "But you left her clay form alive didn't you? I didn't see a stray soul seep back into Kagome," she waved in Kagome's direction to prove her point, "so we can assume that although you say you left her in your past, you still left her undead."

"That's enough Riquo," Kouga stood and walked over to the two. He said to Inuyasha, "You have more to say? Then say it."

Inuyasha fidgeted nervously, "Kikyo told me Naraku was planning something else against us. She said she'd send her soul snatchers to me when the time was right. She wants me to fight him, and when they come here, I'm going to fight."

Kagome shot up, anger painted on her face, "Inuyasha that has to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard! How many times has she gotten us into trouble before? And now you're falling for it again?! What the hell is the matter with you?"

Sango spoke up as well, "You can't go, Inuyasha! It's obviously a trap to lure you into hell with her!"

Miroku spoke as well, but his approach was calmer and a bit more rational, "Perhaps we should consider this. True, Kikyo wants Inuyasha to go to hell with her, but don't forget, she also wants Naraku dead as well," his gaze fell down to his cursed hand, "this could very well be our chance to catch him off guard and defeat him."

They thought about it silently to themselves. Trap or not, it looks like they were going to follow by Kikyo's plan. But Riquo had her own plans as well. She glanced at each of them, remembering the stories they told of Naraku and the problems that he's caused for each of them.

She stepped forward confidently, "We'll go. It may be a trap, but if it is then Kikyo's in for a big surprise when she gets all of us there," she glared at Inuyasha with fire in her eyes, "but mark my word Inuyasha. I know you don't have the heart to kill her, but that doesn't mean that I don't. She will die along side Naraku, and you'd be wise not to get in my way."

Inuyasha looked away, sadness filling his amber eyes and making his white ears droop, then nodded. Sango had had enough of this tension and stupidity and decided to take control of the situation, "We should camp here for the night. Just because Kikyo's going to be sending for us doesn't mean we can stop searching for jewel shards," Sango said, "Miroku, search for wood so we can build a fire, please." Miroku nodded and walked off. Kagome looked around them, searching for a familiar orange ball of fur. "Sango, where's Shippo? Didn't he come with you?"

Sango shook her head, "He was asleep when we left. Kaede heard Riquo's scream and decided it wouldn't be the best of places for a child to be. She said she'd take care of him this time around." Kagome nodded and they all went to work setting up camp.

Looking around at what everyone was doing, Inuyasha took off into the field, calling over his shoulder, "I'll be back later."

Riquo and Kagome didn't pay him any attention, but Kouga and Sango asked, "Where do you think he's going?"




    After the days events everyone was glad for a chance to settle down and relax. The rain had stopped hours ago and the rich dew that dripped off the leaves left a pleasant scent that settled around them. The river that was not too far away from where they camp could be heard as it flowed on and lulled them to sleep. The fire was burning low and cast an eerie glow over the sleeping forms that surrounded it. The remnants of their dinner littered around the burning embers. Kouga was leaning against a tree with his eyes closed, his arms around Kagome's waist protectively. Since Kagome had forgotten her backpack, something she was beginning to regret, she decided to save herself the backache of lying on the ground and slept on Kouga.

Sango was sleeping against Miroku's back while he supported himself with his staff and his feet against the base trunk of a tree. Sango had claimed she was so close to him for warmth but they knew otherwise. Riquo had found a hole in a tree that was big enough for her and curled up into it. Inuyasha, who was still concerned about Riquo and her feelings towards him was on a limb right next to the hole with his eyes closed, not making Riquo too happy about that, but she kept quiet.

Riquo kept her breathing even until she heard everyone fall asleep. Then she opened her eyes and looked around as they reflected against the moonlight, making them appear to be completely white. She stealthily worked her way out of the hole, and down the tree, careful not to wake Inuyasha. She crept past everyone and was just about to past Kouga when his eyes flew open and fell onto her creeping. She held a clawed finger to her lips and mouthed that she'd be back soon. He nodded and dozed off again. Riquo crawled a few feet away and then ran away from the camp.

She ran until she came upon the river with fresh, clear water. She dipped her hands into it and drank then splashed some onto her face. She quickly stripped herself of her skirt and top, then grabbed them and walked silently into the cold water. She washed her clothes carefully, and meticulously, making sure that the blood from her previous wounds were completely gone.

Riquo sighed as she dipped her skirt into the water. I just can't seem to avoid getting injured and bleeding all over my clothes. Riquo glanced around for something to hang her clothes on while she bathed herself. Biting her lip she happened to glance up and almost laughed to herself at the convenient branch that was just a few feet over head of her. She slid her skirt and top onto the branch after squeezing out the excess water.

Sighing with satisfaction, Riquo lowered herself into the cool water, her body's tense muscle's relax as the chill of the water expanded through her whole nervous system. Riquo giggled to herself as she thought of when she used to be forced to wear underwear in the future came into mind. That's just too much clothing! It's too much to wash and it just gets uncomfortable as you walk and especially if you fight. Riquo laughed at herself for thinking of something so random. Deciding that she'd wasted enough time, she began to wash her body and her hair of the dirt and grime. She kept her eyes closed as she did so, trying to stay as relaxed as possible as she went about washing herself. Raking her claws through thick brown mane, Riquo sighed and enjoyed the feel of how clean her hair felt. I'll have to thank Kagome for letting me have that shampoo earlier.

Riquo leaned down into the water and cupped some sand from the bottom of the river into her hands. Starting with her neck, and moving downward, Riquo used to sand to exfoliate her body and to further clean herself. She went over her breasts, down to her stomach over her tattooed navel and her waist. Riquo dropped the sand that she had and reached down to get some more, this time placing it on her thigh, clearly avoiding the junction of her legs. When she got to her ankle on her left leg, Riquo's eyes filled with tears as she felt the absence of her black bangle that had been shattered. Her mother had given that to her, using her favorite colors and her favorite flower, the hibiscus, to design it. Swiping away her tears, Riquo dunked herself into the water to rinse. O well, I still have my other one. She said looking at her upper arm in the water and touching the silver tribal markings on the black band.

To anyone looking at her, she looked like a silhouette of a water nymph. This is exactly what Inuyasha was thinking as he sat hidden on a perch in the trees downwind of her so she couldn't catch his scent. He watched her as she continuously dipped into the water, flipping her hair back and squeezing the water out. His claws in his hands dug into the bark of the tree he was in as he watched her. She's so beautiful. It seems almost impossible that a hanyou could possess that much beauty. Inuyasha felt himself getting hard from watching her naked form in the river. He growled silently in frustration, not again...

Inuyasha froze, ignoring his hard length as she walked in his direction with her damp clothes in her hands. Inuyasha took in a breath when she was completely out of the water.

He clenched his claws into the bark of the tree even further, trying to remain in control of his arousal. She had the body of a warrior. Feminine muscle everywhere, not to big or too small, particularly in her calves, and her abs, which were outlined in shadow against the moonlight. Her narrow waist led down to her long, beautiful legs and her cute feet. Her breasts, which Inuyasha had already examined in the hot spring, were the right size for a fighter and a panther demon. Inuyasha smiled at the site of her body, she was nothing but curves...delicious curves.

Inuyasha was snapped out of his daze as he saw Riquo dress herself. Immediately Inuyasha took note of her bare ankle and her sad expression. He reached into his shirt and gently fingered the pieces of the black bangle. When he'd left them while they were setting up camp, he'd spent hours finding every single piece in the burnt grass. He figured this bracelet meant something to her, and to make it up to her, he was going to fix it himself. When she turned her back on him, he patted the pieces in his shirt and crept down the tree and stood at the base with his arms crossed. When she turned back around and started walking past him he spoke up, "Nice little trick you pulled back there. I bet getting past sleeping demons like that comes in handy."

Riquo spun around the moment he started speaking, claws extended as far as they could go and a look that would scare the piss out of Naraku himself.

"How dare you spy on me! What kind of perverted freak are you!?" She bared her fangs at him and itched to swat her claws at him just once.

Inuyasha smirked at her reaction, "Funny, after you're little show of guts when I first met you, I didn't think you were the modest type."

Riquo grimaced. Ok, so maybe I deserved that. She growled, "You still didn't need to spy on me! And besides, I'm still peeved from your little display of loyalty before, so just go." She jumped up into the tree he was just in and sat there with her legs hanging.

Inuyasha jumped up and sat next to her. Riquo inched away but Inuyasha just grabbed her hand and yanked her towards him. Riquo was about to protest loudly when Inuyasha pressed a clawed finger to her lips.

He spoke to her gently, "Please, just listen to me. I just wanted to apologize. You're right. It was wrong of me leaving you there injured. I'm really sorry. I hope you can find it somewhere in your heart to forgive me. If we go into battle against Naraku, I want to fight by your side as a friend, not an enemy." He let go of her and waited for her reaction.

Riquo didn't know what to say. Did he just apologize? And he wants to be my friend? What the hell?! Riquo reached forward and pressed a hand to his forehead. Inuyasha leaned away from her confused, "What the hell are you doing?"

"Are you feeling ok? Do you need me to get some herbs for you or something? Water?" she felt around his face and neck feeling for fever. Inuyasha leaned into her touch, hoping she wouldn't notice. He grabbed her hand and pulled it away from his neck, "I'm serious, Riquo."

She leaned back and smiled, "Thank you Inuyasha, I forgive you."

He smiled at her, "Thanks, glad to have you on our side. I'd hate to have to fight you one day."

"Let's hope it never comes to that, Inuyasha." He decided he liked the way his name sounded when she said it. Then something hit him like a brick. Why does she want to kill Kikyo so bad? He glanced at her then asked, "Riquo, why do you hate Kikyo so much? What did she ever do to you?"

Riquo looked away, knowing he wouldn't like hearing this. She looked back at him and he saw the pain of loss in her eyes. He grabbed her hand, lacing his claws with hers and absently marveling at how well they fit together, "Tell me please, what did she do to you?"

She told him everything. Everything that Kikyo had done to her, her mother that she missed dearly. When she was done explaining everything, she was in Inuyasha's arms, crying on his shoulder. For once in Inuyasha's life, he actually wanted to make Kikyo pay for what she'd done. He didn't have too much trouble believing she'd done it either. After all the crap she's put him through, it didn't surprise him, just pissed him off. He shifted Riquo in his lap and let her cry some more. He was startled as her tail went up his sleeve and wrapped around his wrist. He ran his claws through her hair and down her back. He felt her shiver and hiccup and pulled her face up towards him. He wiped the tears away from her eyes and looked into their green depths.

Riquo got lost in his eyes. They were such a bright, golden yellow she just couldn't stop staring at them. Inuyasha brought his face closer, stopping only briefly to look into her eyes again before closing the gap in between them. He ran his tongue lightly over her lips until she parted them and then he took over her mouth. He kissed her with such passion she thought their lips would burst into flame. Inuyasha broke the kiss long enough to pick her up and jump to the ground; he didn't trust his balance now, especially not when he was kissing her. When he got to the ground he continued his advances on her mouth. When he sat down, she straddled his waist. Riquo felt his arousal and pushed her hips down so they grind against his. Inuyasha groaned and bit her lip gently, "Play nice."

She grinned and he captured her lips with his again. He moved from her lips down her jaw, placing small kisses all the way down that left her skin burning. He then moved down to her neck, licking a particular spot on her neck that made her start to tremble. He smirked and ran a fang over the same spot. She finally gave in and moaned out loud. He snickered and caught her hand as she tried to swat at him. He lied down in the grass against a tree, holding her against him. Riquo snuggled closer, her black tail twitching back and forth in the air. Inuyasha watched it go back and forth. Finally, giving in to temptation, he gently grabbed her tail and began stroking it. Riquo purred loudly and Inuyasha had to stifle a laugh. Riquo moved closer and cleared her throat, "Keep that up and I'll give YOU something to purr about."

He laughed again and settled down next to her, letting her tail wrap once around his waist. She lifted her eyes up to him, "So….what are we going to say to the others when they wake up and we're not there?" He looked down at her and kissed her forehead, "Sleep now, we'll worry about that when morning comes."

She nodded and fell asleep with a smile on her lips. Inuyasha watched as her breathing evened out, then gave into the depths of sleep soon after.

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