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Okie dokie! As you can tell....this is my fanfiction site! I have two sites and for certain reasons....I have to have my fanfiction on a totally different and unrelated site! So...this is it! I do Inuyasha fanfiction and just so that I don't have to say this every time I write something...let me just say:


Ok...now that's out of the way...onto the fanfiction! Now...I don't always write "appropriate" fanfiction a.k.a. "lemons" or sex scenes. So if you have a beef with that....just click the little x on the top right corner of this page and have a wonderful day! ^^

One last thing....I am a slow writer. I kid you not peoples....SLOW AS HELL ITSELF! So it will take me a while to finish a story (I'm not even done with the first one) so just be patient. If you really want to motivate me...you can email me and encourage, flame, or just talk to me. Hell suggestions would be nice sometimes!

Another thing.....the other authors listed are simply authors of stories that I have read and thoroughly enjoyed. I have no affiliation to them other than being a fan and the link is directed to either mediaminer.org, adultfanfiction.net or their personal site.

Ok I'm done! Read on and enjoy!!!

P.S. I LOOOVE it when people make fanart for me!


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Cats and Dogs  by yours truly! incomplete

When Inuyasha, Kagome and the others stumble across a severely wounded hanyou girl, their lives and their hunt for the sacred jewel shards change forever. **LEMON** Inu/OC Kag/Kog San/Mir.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10

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The Lucky Ones by Terri Botta complete

WARNING: ADULT CONTENT! Sometimes Fate hands you a gift you never thought youd ever get, and its up to you to accept it for what it is.

Game Face by Terri Botta complete

WARNING: ADULT CONTENT. It's a PWP LEMON from the Lucky Ones universe, what do I need a summary for?
The inspiration for this fic came from this picture drawn by Kristin of www.kristinsstudio.com: http://cafeshops.com/studiofanfic.11856637

Possession by Wheezambu incomplete

After defeating Naraku, Inuyasha uses the sacred jewel to become a full demon. Kagome tries to stop him using the rosary, but it breaks. She escapes from the demon and goes home.
Now its ten years later and she's going back to Japan for the first time in seven years

The Youkai and the Exterminator by Wheezambu incomplete

Sango/Sesshomaru romantic pairing. Lotsa fluff, lotsa hot lemon action. When Sango saves Rin's life, Sesshomaru has to find a way to erase his debt to her, causing an attraction neither can deny. Will her friends despise her for her demon lover? Can he accept his lust for a mortal woman?

Don't Know What You've Got Til It's Gone by RhiannonoftheMoon complete

Kagome falls under an enchantment at a hot spring and her miko powers are effected. How will she deal with the changes she is forced to undergo? Mature rating for Inuyasha's potty mouth, violence, limes, lemons and anything else I feel like adding.

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